Sarah Dougher is an educator and musician living in Portland, Oregon. She is an adjunct assistant professor at Portland State University in both the Women, Gender and Sexuality Studies and the University Studies departments. She earned her Ph.D in Comparative Literature at the University of Texas, Austin in 1997, and has taught at Portland State since 2004. Her academic interests include cultural studies with youth-based research and  theoretical perspectives; gender, race and U.S. popular culture; principals and practices in community organizing. Secondary interests include food justice for marginalized communities, particularly women, youth and children. She volunteers with the Rock ‘n’ Roll Camp for Girls, Rose Haven and the WGSS department at Portland State, and has recently worked with students from St.Mary’s Academy, Lincoln High School and West Sylvan Middle School. Her musical work has most recently been focused on composition for, and co-direction of the Flash Choir, a free, non-audition community choir of approximately 30, which is currently on an extended break. She also writes music for her solo project, and collaborates with friends on the hootenanny band, the Stumptown Family Ramblers. She has released albums on K, Kill Rock Stars, Mr. Lady, and her own label, Cherchez La Femme. She is currently at work with colleague Diane Pecknold on a book about tween musical cultures, rock camps for girls, and the emergence of new girl identities in relationship to popular music in the late 20th and early 21st centuries.

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