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All these albums are available on iTunes. If you would like to purchase CDs they cost $12 plus shipping.

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Albums by Sarah Dougher

Here now! Fin de Siècle, a setting of poetry by Leslie Scalapino for 5 voices and small ensemble!

Available on iTunes. This is a digital-only release, October 2012.



This music was composed for a production of The Orestes, by Euripides. It was recorded by Sarah Dougher, as her first foray into music for the stage. As such, it retains a strong sense of pop melody, with the addition of Euripidean words. Featured on the second season of “This American Life” the TV show, the CD contains all the tracks as both instrumentals as well as with lyrics. (Cherchez La Femme)

“If Sarah Dougher got any more down-to-earth she’d be buried in it … [the] folky postpunk
singer/songwriter radiates a sense of ease that’s delightful and, luckily, contagious.” — Neumu

Harpers Arrow


Harper’s Arrow was released in July 2005 and contains 18 songs based on, among other things, Homer’s Odyssey, getting struck by lightening, and a metaphor that links a harp and a bow. (Cherchez La Femme)

“Listen to Harper’s Arrow for Dougher’s ruddy, mournful vocals, her evocatively minimalist instrumentation, the album’s wise, nimble commentary on war, death, and hope.” — SF Weekly

The Bluff


What you hold in your hand will never win you shit, but you can bluff. In fact, even the winning hand stands to gain. That’s what this record is about. Released in 2002. (Mr. Lady)

“Like her labelmates Le Tigre, Dougher has mad bibliographies, but she won’t recite them and call it a jam. Instead she sings about trees. Also, hearts. Lots of hearts. After all, it’s rock, not rocket science — and besides, her doctorate is in comparative literature. Dougher selects motifs for maximum literal impact for detail and completeness. The tunes themselves operate on the same principle, often their catchiness verges on clamor, thanks to just-past-mid tempos, brassily intoned choruses, and busy-but-submerged guitar leads. Dougher’s unable to choose which element of her experience she channels at any given time, from spurned to ecstatic, bold to bookish. ‘Built this stupid, crooked house on the shifting sand,’ she laments on ‘Fall Down.’ Crooked, yes. Also beautiful.” — Nick Catucci, Spin, Feb 2002

The Walls Ablaze


The Walls Ablaze made the first year of this century and filled with stories of the walls between possibility and complete abandonment and destruction. (Mr. Lady)

“[On ‘The Walls Ablaze’] You heard a woman standing in an apartment whose walls she has set alight by the fire of her own desire — by her own wish to make a place for herself in the world, her wish for a world that would make a place for her. Her third and latest album, ‘The Bluff’ (Mr. Lady MRLR 21), is a long, wild leap into even stronger music.” — Greil Marcus, The New York Times

“Dougher has fashioned 13 varied tracks into a cohesive unit that not only speaks to both the head and the heart, but opens up dialogue between the two in a manner few other contemporary pop records do.” — Kurt B. Reighley, Pulse!

“Dougher has a bit of the earnest grad student in her, but her folk rock reveals a warmth and humor all the more endearing for being so reticent. ‘What She’d Trade’ and ‘The Ground Below,’ for instance, are wonderfully touching in their quiet fervor. More than ‘ablaze,’ this record burns with a low, steady fame.” — Elisabeth Vincentelli, Entertainment Weekly

“With a direct, guilelessly expressive voice and a compact melodic disposition that closely resembles Liz Phair’s way with pungent mini-drama, Dougher places her lean, fitful narratives in a spare musical setting that’s well suited to conjuring a sustained mood of prickly, post-punk restlessness.– Jonathan Perry, The Boston Phoenix

“The artfulness of Sarah Dougher’s ‘The Walls Ablaze’ comes disguised in offhand gestures, half-buried in the casual swirl of low-budget guitars, throwaway symmetries and quietly seething emotion … on ‘The Walls Ablaze’ you can hear her unadorned extractions growing into an equally raw presence, a ‘physical geography’ her passionately detached voice assembles as though she were taping pieces of a torn-up love letter back together. — Howard Hampton,

Other Artists

These albums are not available on iTunes, but you can purchase them from me for $12 each plus shipping by emailing sarahdougher (at) gmail (dot) com.

Gay Deceivers: Let it Come True

The debut album from Portland experimental pop band Gay Deceivers. The duo wrote this album over the course of three years, evolving their sound from a disparate blend of influences. Their style is a bridge between the riot grrl/grunge legacy of the Pacific Northwest and the new electronic Portland pop of the future, filtered through a political, feminist, queer perspective. Released in 2009.

“Gay Deceivers pull off a solid-if ADD-addled-sound that’s akin to something like a lovechild between Tender Forever and the Fiery Furnaces, which is as weird and cool as you’re imagining.” — Willamette Week.

Siren Nation

The album includes tracks from: Pink Martini, Ashleigh Flynn, Swallows, Kaia Wilson, Flat Mountain Girls, Amelia, Myshkin’s Ruby Warblers, , Virginia Lopez, Jamie Stillway, Lara Michell, The Stolen Sweets, The Gossip, Sugar Shortwave, and two very special previously unreleased tracks from Marisa Anderson with Mirah, and Heather Perkins. The talented women from this diverse group of musicians have inspired and motivated the production of Siren Nation and exemplify the kind of talent which typifies Portland’s burgeoning music scene. Released in 2006.

Sarah Jaffe
Formerly of Erase Errata, Sara Jaffe is now pursuing a literary life in Western Massachusetts. She recorded this album in the summer of 2005 with Tara Jane O’Neil of Portland, and it is a quiet and brisk meditation.

The CD brings together a diversity of artists including well-known local acts Ashleigh Flynn and Sneakin’ Out, now-defunct electro pop stars Le Tigre, folksy spoken word hero Alix Olson, internationally known post-lounge band Pink Martini, Northwest rock giants The Decemberists, and classic queer duo Indigo Girls. Safe Haven also features a track by Sleater-Kinney, which gives this post-breakup CD the distinction of being one of SK’s (and Le Tigre’s) last ever releases. Some artists went beyond contributing music to the project by helping to design cover art, assist with publicity, and coordinate events. Decemberists’ member Chris Funk was integral at many stages, and says, “I feel when a musician chooses to make their life ‘public’, that person immediately has a social responsibility to use their visibility for change. By including ourselves on this CD, my band The Decemberists has chosen to stand up for an organization that is crucial for our city’s children and young adults.”

Girls Rock! The Movie was released to rave reviews in early 2008. It is a documentary by Shane King and Arne Johnson which reveals the Rock ‘n’ Roll Camp for Girls, a place in Portland, Oregon, where 8-18 year olds come from all over the country to learn Rock DIY-style–forming bands, writing songs and building community. Girls Rock!is the movie about their journey. This soundtrack reflects the sonic context for the transformative narratives in the film. Bringing together the experiments of new and seasoned rockers, this collection of songs reminds you why girls rock, and will rock for many years to come. The artists on this CD have donated their work to this project, which benefits the Girls Rock Camp Alliance, an affiliation of Girls Rock Camp organizations from around the world.

The following albums are also available on iTunes. If you’d like to get the CDs or albums, please contact the labels below!

Day One
To purchase Sarah Dougher’s first album, “Day One” (K Records, 1999), or the single “Summer Come” contact K Records.
Sand and the Sea
To purchase “Sand and Sea” (1999) by the Crabs, contact K Records.
Cadallaca, a band made up of Sarah Dougher, Corin Tucker and STS, made two albums. You can buy the first one, “Introducing Cadallaca” by contacting K Records, or the EP “Out West”, released in 2001 by contacting Kill Rock Stars.
Chez Vous
For the recording of the Cha Cha Cabaret, “Chez Vous”, a late 90’s experiment in post riot girly-ness, contact K Records.

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